Although each rescue dog that enters in AWFAS has an inspiring story, some cases stand out from the rest.  

We hope that these stories and their transformations make you proud to support our rescue. 



Copper was pulled from MDAS completely covered with wounds. Our vet said that every square inch of his body had either a laceration or bruise. We are unsure of how Copper came into this state however the wounds are consistant with the illegal and inhumane act of dog fighting. We beleive Copper to have been a bait dog.  There is not other way to explain the horrific condition.

After many hours in the operating room and many painful days of recovery, Copper was able to stay strong and fight for his life. The positive energy surrounding him kept him hopeful for better days. Well, those better days sure have come! He is now in a loving forever home where he feels the caring touch of his family for the first time in his life.  The long days of recovery have paid off! He shares his home with fur brother, Jumanji, and mom and dad. We are so happy that Copper was able to make it through to the other side and live the life he deserves!



Dutchess was brought into Animal Services in a severe state and needed rescue immediately.  She had an extreme case of demodectic mange.  She had bacterial infections all over her body.  And she was skinny and needed a blood transfusion.  She would shake when you would touch her, which showed just how poor her life had been up to that point in time.  Dutchess was hospitalized for weeks before we were able to move her out to a foster home to continue healing.  

It took time, patience, love and perseverance, but Dutchess did heal.  She transformed into this lovely young lady on the left and she started to thrive.  She went to a foster home that fell head over heels for her, and she finally had a place to call home.  Dutchess, in turn, fell in love with her foster family and their dog.  They are now inseperable and they are two peas in a pod.  Pictured here is Dutchess, in front of the Christmas tree, December 2015. 



Athena came into Animal Services a complete disaster.  She was underweight, covered in pressure sores, and had a severe fracture to her left hip that had been healed and restricted her the use of the entire leg.  She was covered in fleas and ticks and her soul was defeated.  It was clear she was used as a breeding machine due to the condition her body was in.  

Athena had a very long road to recovery with our rescue.  We raised $10K and the incredible Dr Latimer in Jupiter, FL performed a total hip replacement.  Something that is not common in giant breeds, but it was her only chance to ever fully function again.  We restored her body and quickly, her foster family restored her faith in humanity.  Of course, they fell in love with her and Athena found her a place she would be spoiled for the rest of her entire life.  She now runs around like a normal Great Dane should, and has full function of her leg! 



Eros was found on the side of a busy road, sitting next to a deceased dog that had been hit by a car.  He was pure skin and bones, and could barely stand.  Eros was rushed to the vet and began treatment for malnutrition, among other things.  Luckily, everything was easily treatable and we were able to get him into a foster home with an amazing vet tech named Dominique.  He slowly started to gain weight (he was 103 LBS when we found him). 

Eros eventually found the perfect family and was re-named Moose.  He gained over 50 pounds and ended up being one of the largest Great Danes we have rescued to date.  His family adores him and he is now the protector of their new son.  They are inseperable and he really hit the jackpot!



One rainy afternoon, another local rescue called us about a pitbull that was left tied to a fence in an open field.  When we arrived, we found this poor girl sitting in the rain, lactacting, emaciated, and completely scared out of her mind.  We rushed her to the vet and started treatment.  She had some skin issues, she was malnourished and she had recently had a litter of puppies.  She kept looking for her babies... 

Royal did live up to her name.  She captured the heart of the owner of a vet office, who read Royal's story and felt an instant connection.  She quickly became a part of their family and she goes everywhere with them. Her new name is Leticia.  She instantly became best friends and guardian over the family's daughter, pictured here.  They are now inseperable and they cannot imagine life without her.


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